Auburn Gear

Auburn Gears owns over 44 acres of property in Auburn, Indiana. That is where Auburn Gears' differentials for Trucks, Jeeps and SUVs are designed and produced. It's out there in all that land that Auburn Gears rigorously tests its designs by installing one-offs of their differentials in trucks, Jeeps and SUVs then driving those vehicles all over the terrain on the Auburn Gear acreage. This is how you know you're truly getting an off-road quality differential. Because Auburn Gears differentials are designed under real world off-road conditions. Auburn Gears has been in business for over six decades.

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Auburn Gear ECTED Max Differentials

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Auburn Gear High Performance Series Differentials

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Auburn Gear Pro Series Differentials

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Auburn Gear Max Locking Differentials

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Auburn Gear Limited-Slip Differential Oil Additives

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